Time For Me

When we reach menopause our lives do not stop. We are still women, wives, mothers, daughters and our lives can often be busier than ever. For this reason, it is even more important now to have a little of our own space, space to learn and grow, a time for you!

During menopause, our bodies are changing and it is very important that we put time aside to take care of ourselves. We are always good at taking care of other people so now is the time to focus on our own needs and not feel guilty about taking time out for ourselves. Menopause can challenge many things in life, your marriage, your relationships with children and other people.

“Time For Me” was designed to be a very special treatment, a treatment where you can lose yourself for a while, how wonderful does that sound.

“Time For Me” is a treatment designed for those experiencing the physical, mental and emotional changes that are part of the process of menopause; these changes can start as early as a woman’s 30’s – perimenopause - and can continue into the 60’s and even beyond - post menopause.

The “Time For Me” treatment delivers optimum care and results to this demographic who are often experiencing major life changes in both their personal and professional lives.

With “Time For Me”, you are at the heart of the treatment. Personalisation is a key spa trend; you long to feel special and individual, and “Time For Me” gives your therapists the space to create a customised experience for each person, while working within a consistent framework.

“Time For Me” can be personalised at many different points;

  • the selection of one of our four “Time For Me” blends;
  • the areas of the body being treated;
  • the opportunity for your therapists to use their own super-effective techniques;
  • the short ‘activation’ pressure point sequence which is added into each massage to enhance the chosen blend’s effects.
  • You will also be shown how to use the most effective of these points to maintain your balance at home.

“Time For Me” includes the following key elements, plus a consultation, in a 50 or 80 minute treatment:-

  • A breathwork and meditation sequence at the start of treatment to bring you into the present moment, and away from your everyday concerns
  • An innovative ‘Figure of 8’ effleurage that harnesses the power of the symbol for infinity - ∞ - allowing greater skin contact and a sense of nurture and timelessness; the treatment seems to last much longer than expected
  • Classic Aromatherapy techniques which help to rebalance the nervous and endocrine systems
  • Purposeful and effective movements to release areas of tension (neck, shoulders, lower back, legs) without pain
  • Drainage movements to promote lymphatic flow and ease congestion
  • An oil-free facial pressure point massage – with optional Rose Quartz wands – to brighten and refresh the face
  • A deep scalp massage that stimulates circulation to the hair follicles, encouraging healthy hair growth – Nourishing Hair Oil can be used if you wish
  • Cool stones are on hand, to balance temperature changes that can often happen when a person relaxes
  • The treatment will cover the whole body (or as directed by you, the client)
  • Throughout the treatment, complete focus is on you and your needs – this is “Time” outside of the everyday, “Time” which is totally dedicated to you and your comfort, “Time” that is purely for you, in a space where you can be nurtured and cared for in body, mind and spirit:- Time for Me

Please click here for more details of this amazing treatment that will bring you back to feeling like you again.

Time For Me Products

Time To Renew

blended to uplift, motivate, boost confidence, clear brain fog, ease hot flushes, detox, remove unwanted hormones.

Time To Sleep

focuses on relaxation; calming and soothing to help unwind; designed to cool and ease night sweats, promoting deeper, restorative sleep

Time To De-Stress

aims to reduce anxiety, stress, fear; bring calm and harmony to mind and body, balance hormones and emotions through perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

Time To Relax

created to nurture, pamper and relax.  For taking time out to unwind and restore, feeling like ‘me’ again, promoting self-care.

Nourishing Hair Oil

nurturing yet non-greasy; conditions, strengthens and nourishes the hair, adding shine and lustre to dull hair while calming and soothing an irritated scalp.

More Details

More details of all the “Time For Me” oil blends are available on request.

“Time For Me” treatment was created and designed by Lynda Allison, founder of The Menopause Boutique, Debbie Mulkern of New Forest Aromatics who works with natural scents to create beautiful, sustainable, fragrant products that have positive effects on your wellbeing. And Anne of Anne Murray Holistics, who is an experienced therapist and trainer offering her unique approach to address physical and mental stress and encourages your body’s ability to rebalance and heal itself.

To celebrate World Menopause Month, this wonderful treatment has now launched at Senspa, Careys Manor, Brockenhurst, Hampshire. Please click here for more details of this amazing treatment that will bring you back to feeling like you again.

Be gentle with yourself and listen to what your changing body needs. Recognise the things in life that recharge you and do them as often as you can, it could be a long walk, a bubble bath, listening to music or meeting friends. Personally, I find getting together with friends to have a good laugh is so therapeutic. Spend time with people you enjoy and do not isolate yourself. Dream up new things to do and new adventures, plan ahead and reinvent yourself.

Whichever stage you are at, remember you are not alone, there are millions of women going through menopause right now. Life becomes more about you and the things that are important to you.

Be happy within yourself and indulge yourself, you have earned it. A spa break with friends, a pampering facial or something as simple as an afternoon nap!



Sarah Morgan from Pathways Hypnotherapy

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