Time for me

My name is Lynda, the founder of The Menopause Boutique, an online platform covering all things menopausal. My mission is to provide a more simplistic natural pathway for women going through the menopause, to help with the many symptoms and to give women the knowledge to make the right choices. Through my study and my work as a Nutritional Therapist, I am hoping my knowledge and expertise will put you on the right track.

During the menopause, our bodies are changing and it is very important that we put time aside to take care of ourselves. We are always good at taking care of other people so now is the time to focus on our own needs and not feel guilty about taking time out for ourselves.

My aromatherapy oil blends have come about in response to the many women who would like to see a product that can multi-task, a bit like ourselves! My “Time For Me” range is made up of all the things we need to help and support our changing bodies through menopause.

Essential oils are so beneficial and because our skin also changes during menopause due to the decline in oestrogen levels, oils are now more important than ever to hydrate and soften the skin.

My blends create a synergy of beautiful scented essential oils that will nourish your skin with the added benefits to help with the most troublesome menopause symptoms.

The end result is four beautiful ranges of aromatherapy body oils to target the symptoms that bother us the most.

Time To Sleep

This therapeutic sleep blend is designed to give you that dreamy night’s sleep, to intensively calm and soothe your mind, body and senses, helping you to focus on relaxation, unwinding and cooling to help with night sweats.

Time To De-Stress

This therapeutic de-stress blend creates a synergy of beautiful scented essential oils to give your body the help it needs to reduce anxiety, stress and fear. It promotes feelings of calm, harmony for mind and body.

Time To Renew

This therapeutic revitalise blend creates a synergy of beautiful scented essential oils to give your body the boost it needs, to motivate, clear brain fog and detox the body by removing unwanted hormones.

Time To Relax

This is our pamper blend, a synergy of beautiful scented essential oils to give your body the help it needs, to nurture, pamper and relax.

For generations our ancestors have known the powerful effect that certain types of herbs and flowers can have on the human body and mind.

I hope you enjoy my range of beautiful body oils as much as I do.

Thank you.”

Lynda Allison