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Vanda Varga - ‘A Tour guide to Your Mind’

When menopause hits, or even before, those hormonal changes cause everything to change.

Not only in your body, but in your mind, in your thinking, in your behaviours as well. You may become more anxious, have bouts of sadness or depression, feel nervous about things you’ve never felt nervous about. You may feel more stressed and tense than usual. Your reactions to things may change. You may respond with aggression, with tears, you may become more irritable than usual.

And then slowly – perhaps with some encouragement from the uninformed people around you – you start believing that you are actually going totally mad!

Whereas this isn’t the case at all. These are only symptoms of the hormonal changes your brain and body chemistry goes through.

The great news is, that despite of those hormones, your brain still has the ability to change and rewire itself, so you can change the way you feel and cope with the symptoms.

As a master practitioner and trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy, mindfulness and personal growth coach, I am here to help you explore, challenge and overcome those symptoms. I am here to be the ‘Tour Guide to Your Mind’ and help you understand how your mind works and how you can change it.

Feel free to book in a complementary, 30 minutes consultation with me to explore how my methods could help you take charge of your own emotional well-being!

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